Chief Keef Height

Chief Keef HeightHow tall is Chief Keef?

He stands at 175cm or 5 foot 9 inches.

When it comes to rap and hip hop scene, there are a number of top artists and celebrities that are well-known the world over. One such hip hop artist that managed to get the attention of the niche industry is Chief Keef. He may not be a household name right now in many regions who love listening to music, but there’s no denying the fact that he is about to rise to fame thanks to his expertise in hip hop and his love for music. You can say that Chief Keef is riding on a crest of fame. Kanye West has remixed some of his songs and he managed to snag a profitable contract with Interscope.

Early Life and Career:

The artist called Chief Keef was born August 15, 1995. This rising hip hop artist is from Chicago, Illinois and is now expanding his musical reach globally. When he was under house arrest for weapons charges, Chief Keef posted a number of YouTube videos. This promotion helped boost the profile of the hip hop artist and this allowed him to be recognized by many including different celebrities. This was the time when he released a number of mix taps and videos including ‘3Hunna’ and ‘I Don’t Like’ which managed to get the attention of the picky crowd in Chicago. This was the same song that caught the fancy of Kanye.

Chief Keef is also best known for his single called ‘Love Sosa’. This song also brought instant fame to the singer since this was announced to be included in the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack. Aside from his hip hop performances and music, the singer is also known as a producer in the industry has announced his participation in the XXL’ magazine’s 2013 Freshman Class.

How tall is Chief Keef? Chief Keef stands 175cm or 5 foot 9 inches tall.

Chief Keef Height Comparison

Here is Chief Keef with Pha’tal. As we can see Chief Keef is an average sized guy. There have been rumors that Chief Keef is only 5 foot 2 inches. This is simply not true, check his height next to the white door. As we can see he is no shrimp.

Chief Keef height


  1. Hard to know his real height, but I would guess he is just 5 foot 8.

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