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cher lloyd heightHow tall is Cher Lloyd?

Wondering, how tall Cher Lloyd is? Cher Lloyd is 5 feet 2 or 157 cm which is a below average for a female.

Cher Lloyd is an English singer, songwriter, rapper and model. She was born on July 28, 1993. Cher’s career started when she finished fourth in the seventh series of The X Factor. After the seventh series finale Cher Lloyd was signed to Syco Music. Her debut single is Swagger Jagger which was released in July 2011. Her single entered at number one on the UK Singles Chart and number two in the Republic of Ireland. Cher’s second single With Ur Love was released on October 2011 featuring Mike Posner and it reached top four on the UK Singles Chart and fifith in Ireland. Her debut album Sticks and Stones (2011) reached top four on the UK Albums Chart and seventh in Ireland. She released her second album Sorry I’m Late in 2014. Despite its good reviews the album failed to match the success of her first album where her second album only reached number 21 on the UK Albums Chart that’s why she also signed to a US record label Epic Records in 2012.

Her genre is generally R&B which has a lot of feature of hip hop, dubstep, electronic music, dance pop, synthpop while she sings in soprano range. One of her biggest musical influences is Nicki Minaj who she said changed the pop music.

Still wondering how tall Cher Lloyd is? Her height is 5 feet 2 or 157 cm.

Cher Lloyd Height Comparison

Here is Cher Lloyd with One Direction. As we can see they are all taller than them especially Harry Styles whose height is 5 foot 11. Niall is only 5 foot 7 and as we can see he is much taller than her too, she is quite short.

how-tall-is-cher lloyd


  1. shes even as short as lady gaga but shes a bit taller about an inch ahahahah but not bad. her body is kinda tiny which fits on her height. beautiful girl too LOL!

  2. Shes really short isn’t she? my friend once told me that she was like 5’5″ but nahhh shes wrong LOL looking at her it really proved a lot that shes 5’2″ maybe barefooted. she looks like 5’4″ if shes wearing those kind of sneekers. beautiful girl and short TOO!

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