Charlotte Crosby Height

Charlotte Crosby Height

How tall is Charlotte Crosby?

How tall is Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore? This funny chick stands at 5’5” tall (165cm). Average height for a UK female. Charlotte’s slightly immature and bubbly personality makes her one of the favorites in the house.

Tag Line:¬†“I would never kiss anyone without a six-pack”

Still just interested in Charlotte Crosby’s height? She stands at 5 foot 5 inches tall.

Charlotte Crosby Height Comparison

Here is Charlotte with Gary Beadle, Gary is 5’9” tall and with heels on Charlotte is the same height as Gaz.

Charlotte Crosby Height

Here is Charlotte at the beach in Dubai with Mitch, Mitch is quite a short guy and Charlotte is a similar height without heels on. Check her out below.

Charlotte Crosby height

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  1. Real height more like 5 foot 6. She is very close to 5 foot 9 Gaz in the photo above.

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