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how tall is charlie sheenHow tall is Charlie Sheen?

Wondering, how tall is Charlie Sheen? Charlie Sheen is a very average height for a US male standing at 5 foot and 10 inches tall (178cm).

Charlie Sheen was the highest paid TV actor ever for his role on Two and a Half Men. Charlie was controversially fired from his role following from his drug addition and problem with TV management.

Early Life and Career:

Charlie Sheen was born as Carlos Irwin Estvez. Charlie followed in his father, Martin Sheen’s, footsteps and changed his last name to better hit the US market. Charlie was born in 1965, on 3 September, in New York City. Charlie made his acting debut at the age of only 9 years old as an extra, in a TV show, The Execution of Private Slovik which starred his father.

Charlies breakthrough role was in Platoon (1986) where he portrayed a brutal reality of a young soldier  in Vietnam. The file won 4 Oscar, including best picture. This success allowed Charlie to get the role of Bud Fox in Wall Street, where he was the young gun learning how to make money and climb the corporate ladder, seduced by wealth he turns to insider trading and any means necessary to succeed. After these serious roles, Charlie showed his like for comedy in the entertaining spoof Hot Shots (1991). Sheen also replaced Michael J Fox, when he left Spin City as deputy to the major of New York. Charlie Sheen then landed his most famous role with the creation of Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. Charlie was reportedly paid up to $1.8million per episode, making him an insanely wealthy man and the highest paid actor on TV.

Drug Controversy and Personal Struggles

Charlie has been notorious for his battles with drugs and alcohol.  While staring on Two and A Half Men, sheen was arrested in 2009 for assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller, he spend 30 days in rehab. In 2010 Sheen was arrested for causing $7,000 of an alcohol and drug fueled bender. Sheen’s destructive personal life took a toll on his career in February 2011 when he was in a conflict with Chuck Lorre which lead Warner Brothers to cancel the remaining four seasons of Two and a Half Men and remove Charlie from the production list. Charlie was soon replaced with Ashton Kutcher. Ashton happily took up a rumored $700,000 per episode to replace Charlie.

Still just interested in how tall is Charlie Sheen? Charlie Sheen Height is 5’10” (178cm).

Charlie Sheen Height Comparison

Here is Charlie with 5’6” ex wife Denise Richards, as we can see Charlie is about 4 inches taller than Denise.

how tall is charlie sheen

Here is Charlie with 6’2” Enrique Iglesias as we can see he is about 4 inches taller than Charlie Sheen.

How tall is Enrique Iglesias


  1. yep he may be tall but enrique is a bit more taller than him plus i dont like this guy he is a douche! too bad he over thrown his career too much. he was one of the best stars before. nothing much to say but just his height is TALL!

  2. 176cm, maybe a bit below nowadays.

  3. He’s more 5’9.25, no less than 5’9 in my view. Just perfectly average height.

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