Cee Lo Green Height

how tall is cee lo greenHow tall is Cee Lo Green?

He is only 5 foot 6.5 inches tall or 169cm.

He was a members of hip hop group Goodie Mob for 5 years and for 4 years an unsuccessful solo artist before he became known as a singer of Gnarls Barkley.  A Duo composed of Cee Loo and his friend Danger Mouse. Greens height is surprisingly not all that great. Cee Lo Green is the pseudonym of Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, an American hip hop, funk, soul and R&B artist.

Gnarls Barkley became known worldwide in 2006 with their single Crazy in different countries at number 1 to come. Their debut album St. Elsewhere sold well. In 2010, Cee Lo Green scored a solo hit with the song F**k You!. In the Dutch Top 40 increased the number of 22 to 1, and stayed a total of three weeks at the top.

Other facts about Cee Lo Green:

Date of Birth: May 30, 1974
Birth name: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
Also known as: Cee Lo Green, Cee Lo
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genres: Soul, hip hop, R&B
Occupations: Singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor
Instruments: Vocals

Still just wondering how tall is Cee Lo Green? height is 5 ft 6.5 in or 169 cm.

Cee Lo Green Height Comparison

Here we can see Cee Lo next to friend and fellow ‘the voice’ judge Adam Levine. Adam is 5’11” tall, As we can see Cee Lo is significantly shorter than Adam, who is of average height.

Here we have the full set of judges from ‘The Voice’. Cee Lo is not much taller than 5’2” Christina Aguilera (In heels here). He is also significantly shorter than Blake Shelton who is 6’4” tall.

how tall is cee lo green


  1. a bit short and fatty. i thought most of the black guys like him would be much taller but its really a shame to be 5’6″ and i am still in doubt, even apple on the black eye peas or will i am is much taller than this guy as the judge of the voice. even those two i mention were judge TOO!

  2. Cee lo is really short even compared to adam they have a huge difference. i would say that he is around 5’5″ at most. adam is actually 5’10” barefooted. but not bad for cee lo to have that kind of height. he looks like a thug boss to me LOL!

  3. I almost didn’t believe this listing for a second, until seeing certain pictures with 5’11” Adam Levine.

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