Carmen Electra Height

Carmen Electra HeightHow tall is Carmen Electra?

This beauty model and actress stands at 5 foot 3 inches tall (160cm).

Early Life and Career:

Tara Leigh Patrick is Carmen’s real name. She was born April 20th 1972 in Ohio. Carmen Electra is a American glamour model, actress, singer and TV personality. She gained her fame from appearances in Playboy magazine. After this she landed a role on Baywatch, her super hot body made her a household name. Since this Carmen has appeared in a number of parody films, such as: Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans. So, how tall is Carmen Electra? She is actually quite short.

Still just interested in the height of Carmen Electra? She is 5’3” tall or 160cm.

Carmen Electra Height Comparison

Here is Carmen standing next to 5 foot 9 inch Simon Cowell. Even with heels on Simon is a fair bit taller, and Simon is just an average sized guy.

Carmen Electra Height

Here is Carmen with 5 foot 2 inch Kim Kardashian. As we can see both girls have monster heels on, Carmen however does look slightly taller.

Carmen electra height short

One comment

  1. In person I can tell you she is super short (5’1.5″ ??) and really tiny, i.e. skinny frame. This girl shocks in person how small overall she really is.

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