Caitlyn Jenner Height

Caitlyn Jenner HeightHow tall is Caitlyn Jenner?

This American athlete and reality star is 6 feet 2 inches tall (188cm) which is an above average for a female.

Caitlyn Jenner was born on October 28, 1949. She was formerly known as William Bruce Jenner or Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner is a retired American athlete she was famously known for winning the Men’s Decathlon at 1976 Summer Olympics. She was born in Mount Kisko, New York city.

She had two sisters and a brother who died in a car accident on 1976 in Connecticut just right after she won the Olympics. She also suffered from Dyslexia when she was a kid, Caitlyn started her career when she was given a scholarship at Graceland College but she stopped playing because of a knee injury that’s why she switched to decathlon. Caitlyn graduated from Graceland College with a degree in Physical Education on 1973.

At the 1972 men’s decathlon US Olympic trials Caitlyn finished fifth. On 1974 she won the men’s decathlon and she was featured on the cover of Track and Field news. While she was on tour on 1975 she also won the French National Championship and set a world record of 8,524 points. Caitlyn became a national hero by receiving the James E. Sullivan award on 1976 as the top amateur athlete in US. She was inducted into the United States National Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1980, The Olympic Hall of Fame (1980), Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame (1986), The Connecticut Sports Hall of Fame (1994) and the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame (2010).

In June 2015 Caitlyn Jenner changed her name and image publicly because of this her 20/20 interview had millions of viewers which made it as the highest-ever rated news magazine telecast. She also appeared in Keeping up with the Kardashians, Saturday Night Live and her own life TV documentary series I am Cait was released on July 2015.

Still wondering how tall Caitlyn Jenner is? She is 6 feet 2 inches. (188 centimeters)

Caitlyn Jenner Height Comparison

Here is a photo with Kim Kardashian and the family. Caitlyn Jenner is 9 inches taller than Kim Kardashian.

how-tall-is-Chris Jenner


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