Bryan Cranston Height

Bryan Cranston HeightHow tall is Bryan Cranston?

Wondering, how tall is Bryan Cranston? This American actor stands 5 foot 10.5 inches tall (179cm). Bryan Cranston height is average for a US male.

Bryan Lee Cranston was born 7th March  1956. He is an American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, director and producer. Brian Cranston is best known for portraying Walter White in the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad, Hal in the Fox comedy series Malcolm in the Middle and Dr. Tim Whatley in the NBC comedy series Seinfeld.

For Breaking Bad, he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series four times (2008–2010, 2014), including three consecutive wins (the second time in television history after Bill Cosby in I Spy during the 1960s) After becoming one of the producers of Breaking Bad in 2011, he also won the award for Outstanding Drama Series twice. His role in Breaking Bad also earned him five Golden Globe nominations and one win in 2014, nine Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations with four wins and five Saturn Award nominations with two wins.

Still just interested in how tall Bryan Cranston? He is 5’10.5” or (179cm).

Bryan Cranston Height Comparison

Here is Bryan Lee Cranston with Aaron Paul who is 5 foot 8 (173cm) at AMC special premiere of “Breaking bad”

How tall is Bryan Cranston

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  1. wowww he is really old now and really tall too. almost 6 foot. im impressed that his age doesn’t break his posture. most people on his age would definitely bend slightly due to spine problems related to aging. but this actor doesn’t have any of it. tall and AMAZING!

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