Bow Wow Height

bow wow heightHow tall is Bow Wow?

His height is 5’7” tall or 170cm. While he has kicked the ‘lil’ from his name Bow Wow all grown up is not a very tall guy at all.

Early Life and Career:

Bow Wow’s birth name is Shad Gregory Moss, he was born 9/3/1987 in Ohio. He was raised by his mother. At the age of 5 Bow Wow started rapping using the name Kid Gangsta. One year later, he impressed rapper Snoop Dogg and got nick named Lil Bow Wow. Snoop later hired him as an opening act.

Bow Wow found success in 2000 with debut album Beware of the Dog, with songs like Thank you and Take You Home.

Bow Wow Height Comparison

Here we have Bow Wow leaning on Justin Bieber. Justin is a known shorty at 5’6” tall. Bow Wow is leaning here slightly an is only an inch taller than Justin.

how tall is Bow wow

Here is Bow Wow with Chris Brown. Chris is 6’1” tall and as we can see he is a fair bit taller.

how tall is bow wow

Here is Bow Wow with Nicki Minaj, Nicki stands at 5’4” tall. She has likely got 3-4 inch heels on and as we can see Nicki with heels is the same height as Bow Wow. ¬†Bow Wow’s height is 5’7”

how tall is bow wow


  1. a cool dude with a average height ahahahaha seen him on fast and furious 3. he is only 5’5″ to be exact and really cool dude too AHAHAHAHA! i wish he could get atleast a bit taller

  2. Look at the shoes he has on next to Chris Brown and he is still way shorter. Must be about 5 foot 5 in height no more.

  3. He looks 163cm cause he is 163cm. Simple. No way he is 5 foot 7…

  4. I’ve seen the video with him and Kevin Hart. I think it’s a 1.5 inch difference in height
    Kevin Hart: 5ft 2.25 (158 cm)
    Bow Wow: 5ft 3.75 (162 cm)

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