Blake Lively Height

blake lively heightHow tall is Blake Lively?

Wondering, how tall is Blake Lively? She stands at 5’9 inches or 175cm tall. This beautiful actress is often quoted at heights over 5’10 and above. This is clearly an overstatement as we find her to be 5’9” only.

Early Life and Career:

Blake was born 25/08/1987 in Los Angeles. Blakes father was an actor and director and her mother was a talent scout, giving Blake a head start to get into Hollywood. Blake’s career started when she landed the role on 2005 for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. ¬†Two years later she landed her role in Gossip Girl, and followed that on to become a fashion icon.

Blake Lively Height Comparison

Here is Blake with Penn Badgley, Penn’s height is 5’9” tall and as we can see both stars are very much the same height.

how tall is blake lively

Here she is with 6’2” Ryan Renolds, As we can see Ryan clearly has 5 inches on her. Proofing her height to be 5’9”

blake lively height


  1. Very tall for a girl and very beautiful

  2. Maybe 5’8 flat but certainly not much less she is quite the tall girl.

  3. I would agree and say her height is around 5 foot 9 range.

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