Billy Ray Cyrus Height

Billy Ray Cyrus HeightHow tall is Billy Ray Cyrus?

Wondering, how tall is Billy Ray Cyrus? This country star stands at 6 feet tall or 183cm.

Early Life and Career:

William Ray Cyrus was born 25th of August 1961. He is an American country star and more recently an actor. Billy Ray has released a massive twelve studio albums and forty four singles since 1992. His most famous is Achy Breaky Heart. From 2005 – 2011 Billy Ray Cyrus starred on the Disney show Hannah Montana, along side his daughter Miley Cyrus.

Still just interested in the height of Billy Ray Cyrus? He stands at 6’0” tall or 183cm.

Billy Ray Cyrus Height Comparison

Here is Billy with his 5 foot 4 inch daughter Miley Cyrus. As we can see Billy is 8 inches taller than his daughter.

Billy Ray Cyrus Height

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  1. I agree with this height estimate. 6 foot seems bang on for Billy Ray.

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