Bill Murray Height

Bill Murray HeightHow tall is Bill Murray?

Bill Murray is an American actor and comedian who was made famous from Saturday Night Live, Bill stands at 6 foot 2 inches tall (187cm).

Early Life and Career:

William James Murray was born 21st of September 1950. After gaining some exposure on Saturday Night Live he  went on to star in many comedy movies. Bill is most famous for his roles in: Ghost busters(1984) and Groundhog Day (1993). Also Bill gained an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in the film Lost in Translation in 2003.

Still just interested in Bill Murray’s Height? He stands at 6’2” tall or 187cm in height.

Bill Murray Height Comparison

Here is a photo of Bill Murray, as we can see he is clearly a tall guy. Bruce Willis is 5 foot 11 and Bill is 3 inches taller than him here easily.

Bill Murray Height


  1. another tall guy hahaha and wait a minute. did i see that he is 2 inches taller? i thought hes just 6 feet. but 6’2″? doesn’t even clarify if its barefooted or with thick sole shoes ahahaha still a good ideal height. THUMBS UP!

  2. this guy had the talents on any role on movies not to mention he is tall too. i would say on a specific height he is 6 feet and 1 inches. no doubt that he is more than 6 feet. another fact that he is on a healthy body weight too. good actor with a good set of HEIGHT!

  3. He’s still at least 6ft2 today. In Monuments Men he easily has about 3in of height on Clooney.

  4. I’d say 6’1.25″ range for him. Even today he looks like the amount of height he’s lost is minimal.

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