Big Sean Height

how tall is big seanHow tall is Big Sean?

Looking to find, how tall is Big Sean? Sean Michael Anderson aka Big Sean is 5 feet 7 inches tall.


Big Sean is born on March 25th, 1988 in Santa Monica, California. Do not be fooled by the “west side” line that the rapper uses regularly in his tracks. It’s indicative of the musician hometown Detroit and not the West Coast of the USA. It is worth pointing out that Kanye West is the main man responsible for the fame that Mr. Sean is experience as of late. More details to follow later in the article.

Big Sean has been rapping from a very young age. He had a weekly show at WHTD a hip station stationed at his town Detroit. The radio stations will hold regular rap battles which Sean used to help showcased his rhyming skill. In 2005 he heard that Kanye West will appear on 102.7 FM station. Hoping to meet the very famous rapper and get signed by him Sean dashed to the studio. One demo tape and two years later Sean was indeed signed with GOOD Music a record label founded by Kanye himself. Some of the notable hip hop artists signed under the label are John Legend, Kid Cudi, Mos Def, Common and Pusha T.

There you go, Big Sean went for the Projects to the red carpet. It did not happen overnight though and the aspiring musician did put his back into it. Sean’s story could really be used as an example that when one works hard and does not give up he could succeed. For more about him check out his Biography at

So are you still interested in how tall is Big Sean?

 Big Sean height is 5’7″(170cm)

Big Sean Height Comparison

Here you can see Naya Rivera in front of Big Sean. Naya’s height is 5’5” or 165cm. With heels on she is even taller than Big Sean. As you can see Big Sean is clearly only 5’7” inches tall. How tall is Big Sean? Below average height for a male.

how tall is Big Sean


  1. ahahaha not really that tall. Jay-Z is even taller than him LOL! much more like the height sizes of kanye west. cool guy but not impressed with the height. infact im still taller than him coz im 5’9″ AHAHAHAH!

  2. Big refers to his wallet size!

  3. Wow didn’t relies he was that height. Should be called little Sean haha.

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