Ben Stiller Height

How tall is Ben StillerHow tall is Ben Stiller?

He stands at 5’7” tall (170cm). The New York born celebrity is married to Christine Taylor and has two children; he is also estimated to be worth more than 120 million dollars.


During 1998, Ben Stiller put away his desire for directing in order to take the leading role in “There’s Something About Mary“, together with Cameron Diaz. Needless to say Ben’s performance in the movie solidified his place as a top comedy actor. “Permanent Midnight” and “Zero Effect” are just two of the movies that Ben shot during the same year. The next year, Mr. Stiller starred in 3 motion pictures, one being “Mystery Men”. In that production he took the part of a super-hero hopeful known as Mr. Furious. Ben made a comeback as a director with a brand-new comedy TV show for Fox named “Heat Vision and Jack”, featuring Jack Black, unfortunately, the TV series were not rejected by Fox soon after its very first episode.

2000 was a major year for Ben also, he played the leading role in 3 more movies, including probably one of his most famous characters, a male registered nurse called Greg Focker in the production “Meet the Parents“. It is necessary to point out that Robert De Niro also appears in the movie. The motion picture ended up being positively acclaimed by the experts and made in excess of 300 million dollars around the world.

So there you have it boys and girls, while we are wondering how tall is Ben Stiller? he is starring in some of the best comedy movies ever produced.

Ben Stiller height is 5’7″(170cm)

Ben Stiller Height Comparison

Here we can see Ben next to other stars. As we can see Vince (Far left) is far taller at 6 foot 5 inches. Jonah Hill (Far right) is also 5’7” tall or 170cm. He is the exact same height as Ben. How tall is Ben Stiller? Clearly not very tall at all.

how tall is ben stiller

Here is a kiss from ‘There is Something About Mary’ with Cameron Diaz. As we can see Ben has tall shoes on adding two inches to his height. Cameron Diaz is 5’9” tall (175cm). As we can see this confirms Ben’s height at 5’7” tall.

How tall is Ben Stiller


  1. Is listed as 5’7.5 on a dating site in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

  2. In person he seemed about 5’7” for some reason.

  3. Nail it! For long i suspect his height wasn’t very tall.

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