Ben Kingsley Height

Ben Kingsley HeightHow tall is Ben Kingsley?

Wondering, how tall is Ben Kingsley? This actor stands at 5 feet 7.75 inches (172 cm). Ben Kingsley height is below average for a male.

Krishna Bhanji was born on December 13,1943 in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, UK. His father, Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji, is of Gujarati Indian descent, and his mother Anna Lyna Mary, was English., he changed his name to “Ben Kingsley” soon after gaining fame as a stage actor, fearing that a foreign name could hamper his acting career.

Ben Kingsley first earned international fame for his performance in the 1982 movie, Gandhi (1982). His performance as “Mahatma Gandhi” earned him international fame. He won many awards – including an Oscar for Best Actor. He also won Golden Globe, BAFTA and London Film Critics’ Circle Awards. After acting in Gandhi (1982), Ben was recognized as one of the finest British actors. In 1993, his performance as “Itzhak Stern” in the movie, Schindler’s List (1993) earned him a BAFTA nomination. Schindler’s List (1993) won seven Oscars, including Best Picture. During the late 1990s, Kingsley acted in many successful movies. He played “Sweeney Todd” in the 1998 TV movie, The Tale of Sweeney Todd (1997). For his performance in this movie, he was nominated for the Screen Actors’ Guild Award. His other notable role was as “Otto Frank” in the TV movie Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001), for which he won a Screen Actors’ Guild Award.

Still wondering, how tall is Ben Kingsley? He is 5 feet 7.75 inches (172 cm).

Ben Kingsley Height Comparison.

Here is Ben Kingsley with Jon Favreau who is 6 feet 0.5 inches (184 cm). As we can see, Ben is shorter than Jon by about 5 inches.

How tall is Ben Kingsley

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