Bear Grylls Height

Bear Grylls HeightHow tall is Bear Grylls?

Wondering, how tall is Bear Grylls? This extreme adventure junkie stands at 5 foot 11 inches (181cm).

Early Life and Career:

Edward Michael Grylls (Bear) was born 7th of June 1974. He is a British adventurer, writer and T.V. presenter. Bear is best known for his TV show Man vs. Wild, where he teaches techniques needed to survive in any situation. In 2009 Bear was made the youngest ever Chief Scout, he was just 35.

Still just interested in the height of Bear Grylls? He stands at 5’11” tall or 181cm.

Bear Grylls Height Comparison

Here is Bear with 5 foot 10 inch Kate Middleton, Kate is taller here with heels on, without heels she is just one inch shorter than Bear.

Bear Grylls height


  1. no question that’s hes height. watching his show man vs wild its really obvious that he is almost 6 feet. kate middleton is also 5 feet 10 inches i came across different information about her and indeed she have that height. and seeing this picture really shows that both of them have nearly the exact height. this site is soooo ACCURATE!

  2. Could be anywhere in the 180-182 cm range. My view is his height is just under 6 foot.

  3. I think he is 6 feet as i see him and he was taller than me and i m 5’11 tall.

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