Barbara Palvin Height

Barbara Palvin heightHow tall is Barbara Palvin?

Wondering, how tall is Barbara Palvin? This Hungarian fashion model and actress stands at 5 foot 7.5 inches tall (172cm). Barbara Palvin height is slightly above average for a female but not particularly tall for a model.

Barbara Palvin was born 8 October 1993. She was born in Budapest. Palvin was discovered at the age of 13. She shot her first editorial that year for Spur Magazine. Palvin subsequently moved to Asia where she continued a steady stream of bookings. Since then, Palvin has been on the cover of Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and Armini Exchange. She is also a Victoria’s Secret model.

Still just interested in, how tall is Barbara Palvin? He is 5’7.5”tall or 172cm.

Barbara Palvin Height Comparison

Here is Barbara with 5 foot 4 inch (163cm) Bruno Mars. As we can see she is so much taller than the singer. She does have very high heels on however. Barbara is tall for a female but not very tall for a Victoria’s Secret model.

How tall is Barbara Palvin?

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  1. bruno mars is only 5’2″ and shes like 5’6″ with heels and she was like ohhhh and both of them really shown how SHORT they are AHAHAHAH! i like her eyes though ahd her vital stats are soooo sexy! 5’7″ is already a average height for a model and she fits the ramp stage showing off her body figure AHAHAHA!

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