Ashley Tisdale Height

How tall is Ashley TisdaleHow tall is Ashley Tisdale?

This American actress and Disney star is only 5 foot 3 inches tall (160cm).

While Ashley is short in height she is also a very petite girl, her thin figure actually makes her look much taller in films.

Early Life:

Ashley Michelle Tisday was borh July 2nd, 1985. Ashley’s came from humble beginnings her dad Mike Tisdale, is the manager of a construction company. Her sister Jennifer Tisdale is also an actress. Many do not know that Ashley was actually a child star too. At the age of only three, she met her manager, Bill Perlman in a New Jersey mall. She then went to a number of auditions for TV Commercials. She had been placed in over 100 national network TV ads as a child. It wasn’t until her appearance in High School Musical that Ashley became a house hold name. However, big things were expect of Ashley after her massive success as a TV Commercial star.


Ashley rose to fame as Maddie Fitzpatrick in The Suite life of Zack and Cody, thanks to the Disney Channel. Following this TV success she was Sharpay Evans in High School Musical, which was hugely successful at the box office. Ashley’s popularity because of High School Musical led to a solo record deal with  Warner Bros. Records in 2006, from here she released the songs Headstrong (2007) and Guilty Pleasure (2009). More recently she is playing Jody Sanders, the lead role in Scary Movie 5.

Still just interested in how tall is Ashley Tisdale? Her height is 5’3” or 160cm. 

Ashley Tisdale Height Comparison

Here is Ashley next to her boyfriend Scott Speer after a gym session. Scott’s height as been estimated at 6’2”. He is a tall guy and towers over tiny Ashley.

how tall is ashley tisdale

Ashley next to Zac Efron at the beach. Zac is 5’7.5” tall. Proving Ashley is very petite next to him.

how tall is ashley tisdale

Here is Ashley with 5’1” (155) cm) Vanessa Hudgens. The girls are clearly both very short in height. Ashley may be slightly taller but there is certainly not much in it.

Ashley Tisdale height


  1. more like 5’2″ AHAHAHA maybe when barefooted. shes really thin though and beautiful. zack is indeed 5’7″ i just seen his profile here a while ago LOL

  2. definitely 5’1″ ahahahah and his boyfriend is a feet tall than her. how can she even kiss his boyfriend without leaning upwards AHAHAHAHA! shes beautiful indeed and had a good body figure but i wish she could be atleast a little bit taller. they had the same height as ariana grande AHAHAHA!

  3. She looks 5’1-5’2

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