ASAP Rocky Height

ASAP Rocky HeightHow tall is ASAP Rocky?

This American rapper stands at 5 foot 11.5 inches tall (182cm). ASAP Rocky is slightly above average height for a U.S. male.

Early Life and Career:

ASAP Rocky was born October 3, 1988 in Harlem New York. ASAP Rocky had a hard upbringing. Rocky found himself getting caught up in street activities in his neighborhood. Rocky’s father went to jail when he was just 12 for dealing. The next year his brother was murdered near his Harlem apartment. ASAP Rocky was brought up by his mother.  Rocky turned to hip-hop. He started experimenting with rhymes at 8 years of age but didn’t start rapping seriously until when he was around 17 years.

His dedication paid off with the release of  two self-released singles, “Peso” and “Purple Swag”. Both had serous airtime. In 2011 ASAP Rocky accepted a $3 million dollar deal with Sony which was distributed through RCA Records.

Still just interested in how tall is ASAP Rocky? He is 5’11” tall or 182cm in height

ASAP Rocky Height Comparison

Here is ASAP Rocky with swimmer Ryan Lochte. Ryan is 6’2” tall and as we can see ASAP Rocky is not all that much shorter than him.


Here is ASAP Rocky with Drake, Drake is exactly 6 feet tall and as we can see ASAP is an inch or so shorter than Drake

Height of ASAP Rocky

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  1. Height = between 5 foot 10 and 5 foot 11. Just an average sized dude… imo

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