Ariana Grande Height

ariana grande heightHow tall is Ariana Grande?

This Disney and Pop Star stands at only 5’1” tall or 155cm.

Early Life and Career:

Ariana Grande was born June 26, 1993. She is an American Actress and singer. She become a star when she landed her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious, she is also in Sam and Cat and iCarly.

Ariana is of Italian descent, although she was born in Florida.

Still wondering how tall is Ariana Grande? Her height is 5’1” tall or 155cm. 

Ariana Grande Height Comparison

Here she is with Josh Hutcherson, even with heels on Ariana is still a fair bit shorter than Josh. Josh Hutcherson is a known Hollywood shorty, standing at only 5’5” tall and Ariana is even shorter than Josh.

how tall is ariana grande

Check out Ariana walking with her heels on, as we can see she is very petite.

Ariana Short height


  1. shes definitely 5’1 with shoes and i wonder… if she was barefooted… AHAHHAHA! you wont realize that shes 5 feet if shes close to the camera but standing next to other celebrities and talk show host you would see a A LOT of difference LOL!

  2. If 5 foot 5 Josh Hutcherson has some height on her (And she has heels on) then she is truly a very short lady indeed.

  3. I think Ariana is 5 ft1

  4. Barely 5 foot, cute as hell though

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