Antony Starr Height

Antony Starr HeightHow tall is Anthony Starr?

Wondering, how tall is Antony Starr? This actor stands at 5 foot 10 inches tall (178cm) average height for a male.

Antony Starr was born October 25, 1975. He is a New Zealand television actor best known for his dual role as twins Jethro and Van West in New Zealand’s hit comedy/drama Outrageous Fortune. Since his role in Outrageous Fortune, he has gone to land the lead in US show Banshee. He plays an unnamed ex-con who, after 15 years in prison, assumes the identity of Lucas Hood, becoming the new Sheriff of Banshee. For more on Antony Starr’s Biography, check out his Wiki here.

Still just interested in, how tall is Antony Starr? He is 5’10” tall or 178cm.

Antony Starr Height Comparison

Check out Antony with Grant Bowler, Grant is 6 feet tall (183cm) as we can see he is about 2 inches taller than Antony, confirming his height at 5’10” tall.

antony starr height


  1. i like outrageous fortune including this actor too, im wondering if its really that his height? more like 5 feet 8 inches. he had that good physique body and not to mention a cute guy too! he is more like paul walker on the first image. really RUGGED and tall TOO!

  2. Between 5 foot 9 and 5 foot 10 is a good height for him. He is just average.

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