Antonio Banderas Height

Antonio Banderas HeightHow tall is Antonio Banderas?

He stands at 5 foot 8 inches tall (173cm).

Early Life and Career:

Antonio Banderas was born 10 August 1960 in Spain. His first American movie role was in The Mambo Kings (1992), At this time Antonio still did not speak English and so preformed his lines lines phonetically. His real American success came with Philadelphia in (1993). In 1994, Banderas won a role in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. In 1997, his major career making role came in the form of The Mask of Zorro. Since this role he has performed the voice of Puss in Boots in the Shrek film series, and in the 2011 spin-off film. Along with multiple other roles.

Still just interested in Antonio Banderas Height? He is 5’8” tall or 173cm.

Antonio Banderas Height Comparison

Here is 5 foot 2 inch (157cm) Salma Hayek next to Antonio. As we can see she has heels on pushing her height up to 5 foot 6 with heels. Antonio is only 2 inches tall than this.

Here is Antonio with his 5 foot 8 inch (172cm) wife Melanie Griffith, as we can see both stars are the same height.

Antonio Banderas height tall


  1. correction its 5’7″ and 1/2 to be exact. his wife is 5’8″ LOL! if u want to make sure about his height check expendables 3 you would definitely see his height between stallone AHAHAHAHA just a little difference though LOL!

  2. He’s no more than 5’8″.

  3. Once upon a time in Mexico he was described as 5’9 or 5’10 tops. I have to admit he did look 5’10 next to Enrique Iglesias. However 5’9 is probably more accurate. He is probably a weak 5’9 today.

  4. He is a tad bit taller than Tom Cruise even with his bad slouching. 5 foot 8 seems to be a fair height for him.

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