Andrew Garfield Height

Andrew Garfield HeightHow tall is Andrew Garfield?

Wondering, how tall is Andrew Garfield? He stands at 5 foot 10.5 inches in height (178cm).

Early Life and Career:

Andrew Russell Garfield was born August 20th 1983. He has both American and British citizenship, although he was born in Los Angeles. In 2007 Andrew made his film debut in Lions for Lambs. His big break however came from the 2010 hit The Social Network, which highlighted the interesting Facebook story. For his role Andrew gained both BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations. In 2012 Andrew returned to the big screen for a remake of spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman. He will also star in The Amazing Spiderman 2 set for release in 2013.

Still just interested in how tall is Andrew Garfield? he is 5 foot 10.5 inches in height or 178cm.

Andrew Garfield Height Comparison

Andrew Garfield is the same nearly the same height as 5 foot 11 inch Justin Timberlake here.

Andrew Garfield Height

Here is Andrew with 5 foot 8 inch Jesse Eisenberg, as we can see he is just over 2 inches taller.

Andrew Garfield Tall Height Short


  1. true that he is 5’10 coz timberlake almost reached 6 foot but i guessed he just lacked a bit of 0.5cm to reach 6 feet. it doesn’t matter as long as he is spiderman he fits for that role too. but i like the old actor of spiderman than this guy AHHAHAHA!

  2. I can’t see this guy as almost a 180cm He is much smaller than 194cm Armie Hammer. For me this guy is 175cm (5ft 9). His height is no more than this.

  3. He’s one of the lankest looking 5’10” guys I’ve seen. You’d guess he’s 6’1″ just looking at him in stand alone shots.

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