Alex Pettyfer Height

alex-pettyfer-heightHow tall is Alex Pettyfer?

Wondering, how tall is Alex Pettyfer? This actor stands at 5 foot 11 inches tall (180cm). Alex Pettyfer height is slightly above average height for a male.

Alexander RichardAlexPettyfer was born 10 April 1990 is an English actor. Hi breakthrough role was when he was cast as Alex Rider, the main character in the 2006 film version of Stormbreaker; His next two starring roles were in the 2011 films I Am Number Four, a science fiction action adventure, and Beastly, a modernised retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Pettyfer may be best known for his role in the 2012 film Magic Mike,

Still just interested in, how tall is Alex Pettyfer? He is 5’11” tall or 180cm.

Alex Pettyfer Height Comparison

Here is Alex with 5 foot 11 Matthew McConaughey, as we can see both stars are the same height.

how tall is alex pettyfer

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  1. yeah him and mathew almost had the same height coz mathew is around 5 feet and 12 inches if i recall it right. lucky for him to have that kind of height, not to mention he is not fat either. tall height, good actor and had the right body. im guessing he is around 60kg+ AHAHAHA!

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