Aaron Paul Height

Aaron_PaulHow tall is Aaron Paul?

Wondering, how tall is Aaron Paul? This actor stands at 5 foot 8 inches tall (172cm). Aaron Paul height is slightly below average height for a male.

Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born August 27, 1979, he is an American actor and producer. He is best known for portraying Jesse Pinkman in the AMC series Breaking BadFollowing his breakthrough, he began starring in films such as Need for Speed, A Long Way Down, and Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Still just interested in, how tall is Aaron Paul? He is 5’8”tall or 172cm.

Aaron Paul Height Comparison

Here is 5 foot 8 inch Aaron Paul with 5 foot 9 inch Justin Long. As we can see Justin is just 1 inch taller than Aaron. Aaron is not as short as most people think.

Aaron Paul height

Here he is with the cast of Breaking Bad. As we can see he is closer to Brian Cranston height than he appears on the show. Brian Cranston is just 5 foot 9 inches tall. One inch taller than Aaron Paul in real life.

how tall is aaron paul

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  1. best star on need for speed LOL and indeed a fitting role for him. not that much tall but its a good thing he is 5’8″ which is a average height of any men. i am guessing he have the same height as daniel craig ahahaha not too short not too tall either LOL!

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