Aaron Chalmers Height

Aaron Chalmers HeightHow tall is Aaron Chalmers?

Wondering, how tall is Aaron ChalmersĀ from Geordie Shore? Aaron is average height for a U.K. male heĀ stands at 5 foot and 9 inches tall (175cm)

Still just interested in Aaron Chalmers height? He is 5’9” tall.

Aaron Chalmers Height Comparison

Aaron is not much taller than Holly Hagan when she is wearing heels. He is average height and the same height as Gary Beadle on the show.

Aaron Chalmers height

Check out Aaron here, he is slouching forward, as we can see his shoulders are inline with Gary Beadle. Both men are 5’9” tall.

Aaron Chalmers height


  1. loved his tattoo bro hahaha and yes i dont think that he is that tall. probably 5’8″ atleast on a barefooted stats. still not a bad height just your average stats. but love the packs bro i wanted to have that kind of MUSCLE!

  2. Maybe just 5 foot 8 as his real height. He is about an inch shorter than 5 foot 9 Gaz.

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