Snoop Dogg Height

How tall Is Snoop DoggHow tall is Snoop Dogg?

He is 6’4” or 193cm tall.

Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach, California on 20th October 1971.

Snoop Dogg, during his youth, spent more time in and out of prison due to drugs and took to music to escape from crime. He was a backup rapper to Dr. Dre and his first debut album ‘Doggy style’ released in November 1993. The songs titled “Gin & Juice” and “What’s My Name?” kept the album at the top of the charts. His tiff at the MTV music awards and controversy over his arrest caused him problems in the earlier stages of his career.

His first acting stint was a small role in a documentary filmed in 1995. The movie was about the culture of hip-hop. After his third album “Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told”, he appeared in feature films such as “The Wizard of Oz”, “Ride”, “Half Baked”, “White Boys” and the “Scarecrow”. In 2004 his biggest role was in “Starsky & Hutch”. As a successful business entrepreneur, he is a partner in the leading Modern Fashion Performance brand Pony, that has created a shoe collection called ‘The One & Only” and is available in exclusive stores all over the world.

Fore more on Snoop Dogg’s Biography, read his Wiki here.

Snoop Dogg height is 6’4″(193cm)

Snoop Dogg Height Comparison

Snoop towering over Britney Spears who is 5’4”. Snoop is a good foot taller. How tall is Snoop Dogg? Snoop is a very tall guy.

how tall is snoop dogg

Here he is with 5’11” (180cm) David Beckham. As we can see Snoop has 5 inches on David, proving he is a very tall guy.

Snoop Dogg Height


  1. I’d put Snoop Dogg somewhere between 6’3″ and 6’4″.

  2. 6’4″ is spot on! He does look from 2″ to 3″ taller than Jay-Z who looks an hair taller than a legit 6’1″ Barack Obama…

  3. I am guessing a strong 6’3-1/2 to 6’4″. In pictures with his son who is listed at 6’2″ he looks to be at least a couple of inches taller… the future, if his son does a football combine, they will measure him and we will get an idea of Snoops sons real height….we can then compare him to snoop and get a fairly accurate estimation.

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